Bohemian Wildlife

Welcome to our site

The Bohemian wildlife estate is situated in the picturesque foothills of the Eagle Mountains in the eastern part of the Czech Republic. The rolling hills and great expanses of forest make this a beautiful site for our hunt.

We have been in business for over twenty years. In the last few years the owners have decided to open their doors and allow a small amount of trophy animals to be taken each year. Do not be fooled by the term „estate“ hunt. The owners are traditional hunters their whole lives. They understand the meaning of hunting.

Unlike other operations, we here at Bohemian Wildlife estate do not promote a bigger animal behind each tree. We pride ourselves on making this a one on one hunt, pitting our skills against a certain animal, giving you a quality hunting experience. Since we are not bound by quantity, we can tailor a hunt for you to your specific needs. We look forward to hunting with you.